"This Magic, Little-Known Piece of News Makes
a Stock Go Up Over the Next 3 to 6 Months Following
Its Release – 86% of the Time."

(…and It's NOT Earnings)

To: Frustrated Investors Tired of the B.S. Who Just Want A Way to Make Consistent Profits
From: Preston James aka "Pirate"
Friday 10:31 a.m.

Dear Fellow Investor,

A study was done on all publicly traded companies in 2001.  The year of the "dot-bomb" internet collapse and then 9/11.  Do you remember that year?

The study revealed that every time a company announced this one, certain thing – 86% of the time it's stock WENT UP over the following 3-6 months.

Pretty remarkable when you consider the market climate in 2001 was very similar to the abnormal economy staring us in the face today…with the stock market in a state of confusion and freefall.

And yet, there were hundreds and hundreds of these "magic news" announcements made in 2001.

How about today?

It's a mirror image today… right now there are hundreds of these being announced left and right, just like clockwork.  In fact, as long as there's a marketplace of willing participants, you can make money with this little-known piece of news…

Take a look at some of these recent money-making gems from 2009-10:

(Notice how each company operates in different segments of the economy?)

Please understand… not every trade does this well.  But you can get pretty darn close if you follow the guidelines I'm about to tell you.

But first… I'm going to tell you exactly what this little-known piece of news is

I'll also reveal what thousands of real trades and a decade of experience has taught me when specifically doing trades based on this little-known piece of news…

I'll also give you a bonafide reason why you haven't heard about this before

Now I fully expect there's a percentage of investors and traders out there who will be able to take the free information I'm about to reveal on this website and run with it.

If that's you, I wish you the best.  Consider my message one of goodwill, from one trader to another.  Maybe down the road you can return the favor with a gem or two of your own as a way of saying "thanks".

However, most investors are reeling and shell-shocked, desperate for some answers to help stop the hemorrhaging in their brokerage accounts.

According to a recent story from Reuters, the recession of 2008-2009 that clobbered the United States, has resulted in $17-trillion vanishing from investor households combined.

The stories are probably similar to Jim's…which recently aired on CNN:

Jim is from Chippewa Falls, MN.  Here's the recap of the CNN story (most likely shared by millions of others)

Jim's an educated, hard-working 64-year old, with several brokerage accounts, a 401K and a SEP-IRA.  But Jim's given up on the stock market.

After the last decade – bookended by the internet bubble to start the decade, and the real estate/credit crunch to end it – Jim's had it with losing money.

Even more, he's thrown in the towel trying to play "catch up" as retirement's right around the corner, while at the same time trying to overcome the steep losses the market's handed him.

Jim's sold completely out of everything, opting instead to stash his life's savings away in bonds and gold.

The level of pain, fear, anxiety, and sheer loss of self-esteem that investors are experiencing right now is utterly immeasurable. These truly are serious and scary times – with even the most level-headed business leaders feeling anxious and scared…wondering when it will all end and get back to normal. It's sobering, but it begs asking these kinds of questions:

If some of these same questions have been crossing your mind, you really need to drop everything and find out more about this little-known piece of news and how it can turn things around for you.

You see, this little-known piece of news is so powerful… so compelling… it can't help but to attract money and a groundswell of investors instantly.

And because it's proven to work in ANY type of market environment it's something you can put to work RIGHT NOW… it's an "instant solution" you can profit from in your investing and trading – starting today.


Before you ever buy a stock, you have to have a very definite, COMPELLING REASON, and a high degree of certainty (BASED ON REALITY) that the stock will MOVE in the right direction, after you get in it.

 And when you can use the amazing leverage power of options (which simply give you an UNLIMITED upside with a LIMITED, fixed downside)you can turn a 10% stock move into a bundle of cash…like a 100% return instead of 10%!

Anyway… I'm getting ahead of myself already because this isn't even about options and their leverage power.

It's really all about being able to know when a stock is going to move in the future due to overwhelming and sudden changes to perceptions…(then being able to do this over and over and over again)

…You say bunk?

You say there's no way to "know" when a stock is going to go up?  Well, you haven't looked closely enough.

What you've got to remember is this:

Whenever money leaves a stock like Bear Stearns or one of the hundreds of failed banks, it seeks a BETTER RETURN… it seeks a "surer thing".

And over and over again money seems to magically get attracted to a stock only during certain times . . . certain compelling times when lots of buying emotion takes over due to this one thing . . .


Or better said…

The Anticipation of GOOD NEWS!

So you want this explained some more do you?

Well okay, but you might want to turn off your phone and become "unavailable" for just a couple minutes.

After all, this information can change your financial life and give you a huge mental relief… which is the "insurance" – that no matter what happens – you'll always be able to make money… no matter how bad the "Dow" is or how weird the world gets.

By the way, my name is Preston James and several years ago the nickname "Pirate" seemed to stick due to my – some would say – uncanny way of finding very profitable trades that seem to be "buried" or hidden from the crowd.  Hence…"buried treasure".

Trades that are built around…

"Future Compelling Events"

Instead of trading blindly off some analyst's "upgrade", or rifling through hundreds of charts to find a good "indicator", or buying a stock because you think it's "undervalued"… you simply tap into the "power of emotions" instead.

If you take nothing else away from this short message, it should be this… you should focus on the immediate future of a stock, NOT on past patterns. 

I mean it's so common sense, it's almost laughable.

But 99% of what's taught, lectured about and studied is focused on a stock's PAST, not its immediate future… or why it should go up AFTER YOU BUY IT.   No doubt about it though…

Looking at a Stock's PAST Is the Main Reason Why
the Majority of Well-Intentioned Investors Are Frustrated

Now… before I go any further – it's important to understand that I'm not giving you advice on what to buy, nor am I a registered investment advisor.

I am simply revealing what this certain piece of news is… and how – as if by magic – it makes a stock move higher, 86% of the time, 3-6 months down the road.

So now that I've explained things a bit – I'm now ready to reveal to you this AMAZING SECRET!  Are you ready?

Here goes.  This little-known, almost magic piece of news is…

The "Pre-Announcement" of
Better Than Expected Earnings.

Not the actual earnings announcement, mind you, but a "pre-announcement" of better than expected earnings to come.  Let me explain…

Publicly traded companies ARE REQUIRED to formerly announce their earnings results, which in almost all cases happens every quarter (3 months).

And the reason a company's earnings are the most widely followed, anticipated and commented-on news item is because earnings determines what investors are willing to pay for a certain stock.

Are the earnings improving over last year?  Over their competition?  Or did the earnings disappoint the crowd versus what was expected?

Earnings are the bottom-line, "where-the-rubber-meets-the-road" figure… stocks live and die with earnings!

When the right pre-announcement comes along, the good news is SUDDEN and UNEXPECTED.  It's also good news coming directly from the COMPANY ITSELF.  This is important…

Why?  Because the information is coming from the company – NOT through the spin or opinion of some Wall Street analyst (who often has an ulterior motive with the stocks they report about).

Think about it – in the financial world right now, where corporate fraud and mistrust is EVERYWHERE – and CEO's are being watched MORE THAN EVER – they're just not going to pull imaginary good news out of thin air…

Not On Their Lives!!!

So these "pre-announcements" are not conjured up by some financial terrorist, er, analyst.  They are very different from an "upgrade" or some other jibberish invented by this "cartel".  But this is getting off the subject!

My point is this: because the news is coming directly from the company, the right pre-announcement can change perceptions instantly – which can change the trend of the stock instantly.

It's exciting to see a stock undergo a change in sentiment… for the perceptions (outlook) to shift… to have the question marks removed, and to see money and capital start hitting the stock and rewarding it's performance… it's really a sight to see.

There are some downright exciting pre-announcements and they come out ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TRADING DAY!

Even right smack in the middle of one of the worst economies in United States history.

The BEST PART is you don't need to become some "market wizard" or sit around hoping your predictions come true… or hoping "your gutt" is right on your next trade…

PLUS: You are NOT "Predicting" Anything!

You do NOT have to be born with the "genius gene"!  Rather, you're being alerted to a situation you didn't create, that's much bigger than me or you – which makes the foundation of pre-announcement trading so powerful and compelling.

Even better…

You won't spend a measly minute laying chart over chart over chart.  Not a wasted second with Bollinger Bands, RSI, Stochastics, MACD, regression lines, histograms, expensive real-time quote feeds, candlesticks, balance sheets, debt ratios, support levels, pennants, double bottoms, or triple tops…

You'll just let the power of excitement and intense human curiosity take over, which will allow you to…

Have A Life!

(and as long as people and human nature are behind the stock market, there will ALWAYS BE EMOTIONAL EVENTS TO TRADE ON – ALWAYS!)  Pre-announcements are a great way to trade… but…

Not All Pre-Announcements are Created Equal

And unless you know what to look-out for, you can lose your shirt with a positive pre-announcement just as easily as you can with any other way of investing.

And that brings up some good questions… like:

And these are all great questions.

The good news is this:

I've personally done hundreds of these pre-announcement trades over the past 8 years – and during that experience I've discovered and uncovered the answers to all these questions, and a whole lot more.

In fact, I recently collected all my thoughts and put together a game plan that walks you through exactly how I trade these pre-announcement opportunities for maximum profit and minimum loss.

I call it the "1% Solution" in honor of the one percent of investors who make the lion's share of the market's profits – year-in and year-out.  (You won't find this privately printed dossier in stores… I've developed it exclusively for my extended family of readers, and packed it with practical, real-world strategies for coping with financial catastrophe like the one we're in right now.)

For example, you've never heard the media talking about these pre-announcements… right?  Nor will you ever get a "tip" from a stock broker or friend about them… which, unfortunately, is the way 99% of all investors go about making a decision to get into a trade.

And that is why 99% of all investors NEVER get ahead.  And if you're an active stock trader or investor…

Take a close look at what all you'll discover about pre-announcements in your copy of the "1% Solution":

(The "market cycle" affects 3 out of 4 stocks in the entire market, this is a proven fact backed up by many decades of market studies –you MUST incorporate what's already in motion out there when you trade or invest!  Pre-announcements are no exception)

I expose the "trap-door thinking" that you have to be watching the market every minute of every day (doing this will result in the exact opposite of what you think it will!)  Discover how getting out of the way will be the best thing you ever did. Page 33 will remove your blinders.

That's just the tip of the iceberg of all you're going to be sinking your teeth into once you get your hands on a copy of the "1% Solution".  After all, pre-announcements are only ONE of the ways the 1%'ers pull fortunes out of the market.

Order Your Copy of the "1% Solution"
Now and Get a Free Gift

In it, I uncover the nitty-gritty details of how I trade these pre-announcements, I also cover many more ways the 1%'ers use to amass their wealth no matter what the economy does next… or how much people complain about the market.

More importantly…

The 1% Solution Reveals How You Can Move Yourself Out of the 99%
of All Investors Who Limp Along Losing Money, and Get Into That
Exclusive Group… the 1% of Investors Who Make Money

The "1% Solution" reveals exactly HOW those of us in the 1% invest… what the strategies are… what the thinking is… and much, much more.

And I am convinced that if you don't seriously re-consider how you're investing your money, you will NEVER get yourself out of that group of people… the 99% who never make serious money in the market.


Because the game's been rigged from the beginning… it's been rigged to make you think that, in order to succeed, you have to become a "market wizard"… you have to become a master of all this:

This is the Minefield the 99% Slog Through…
An Anxious, Painful, Everyday Reality

Most aspiring investors see the "You" in the center of this picture above and say, "That's me!"  And chances are – if you're reading this right now, you've been scammed into believing that in order to succeed, you have to "master" this complex, confusing universe.

What's worse: inside this gaggle of information overload are crafty "best interest" agendas that have trapped independent investors like you into certain, limited ways of thinking.

And you don't even know it.

How do I know this?  Because the evidence is clear:

Most Investors Don't Make Much (if Any) Money!

They DO spend a lot of time burning up their precious trading capital trying to master all the stuff they think they have to master in order to make money (see the "YOU" in the illustration above).

And that's sad – especially considering we live in the greatest capitalistic country on the face of God's green earth.

But guess what?

The top, independent investors (the people in the 1%) don't deal with becoming "market wizards"!  They simply bypass all the BS and deception that's being dealt up.

And that's exactly what you need to do…

…get your head OUT of the technical analysis books and software…

…and get your eyes OFF the TV screen… listening to the talking heads…

Because the fact is, if you think you can pleasantly go about investing like "business as usual", then it's time to wake-up.

With all the massive government spending, government debt, lingering recession and inevitable increase in interest rates… the climate for stocks is only going to get worse!

But guess what…

There Was No "Lost Decade" For the 1%!

During the past "lost decade" – did all stocks go down?  No!

Did stocks stop moving?  No!

There was massive opportunity because of many market cycle trends, many explosive stocks (think about Apple's resurgence as one gleaming example) and the top 1% were busy making money, building fortunes, and mopping up most of the market profits… leaving only scraps behind for the 99%.

And it all happens because they see things differently!

They see opportunity WITHIN the chaos.

But trust me… these aren't hair-brained "day traders", screen-addicted forex nuts, or cut-throat commodity scalpers.  Not at all…

These are the independent investors who make most of the trading profits out there.

And the 1%'ers I know ALL started with extremely small trading accounts.  They were NOT "born into it".  None of them inherited a big bank roll, have the right family name, or were blessed with a "genius gene".

They are all ordinary men who have become extraordinary investors.

Who are These 1%er's

I've traded with or been mentored by each of these people.  You'll get to know them and the way they invest really well inside the "1% Solution".  For now, here's a quick rundown of what these people are like:

And there are others… and you'll learn all about these guys inside your copy of the "1% Solution".  But what you need to understand about all of them is this…

They Don't Just Excel a Little Bit Beyond the Norm…
Their Results Are WAY Off the Charts

I've either met them firsthand, interviewed them or been mentored by them.  In fact, their guidance has made me an independently wealthy investor.  It didn't happen overnight… but it happened.

What they have in common is the following—

If this describes you – there's a good chance you can immediately start down their path and walk in their shoes, after all – "what one man can do, another man can do".  And your own, personal copy of the "1% Solution" will get you started.

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  It will introduce you to…

The Astonishing Secrets of the World's
Wealthiest Self-Made Investors

This is your chance to learn what these ultra successful traders and investors know about making money that most people never discover in their lifetimes.

This information is dramatically changing people's lives literally overnight… just take a look at some of what you'll discover:

This one's so clear, it's amazing it's not the most popular trading strategy among investors today… but truth is… no one has a clue about it!

By using cheap, strategic options, a quick double, triple –OR MORE– is commonplace with this monster.  (This trading rut-buster revealed on page 43.)

If you want to break away from being average and forever possess a compelling edge – page 16 reveals this astonishingly powerful secret right there in plain sight.  This'll put you weeks ahead of the Wall Street media – knowing just this will help you forever more as an investor – guaranteed.

It worked in 1950, it'll work in 2050, and it's an especially compelling edge in 2010.  Discover this all-powerful 8-letter word on page 26! (And it's NOT the word "earnings").

Financial media (like CNBC) is extremely addictive – think: electronic cocaine.  What's more, they are routinely 9-12 months behind the real trends emerging out there (Why? Because the media is too busy reporting on the "here and now").  See page 89 and save your sanity… plus, discover the details on all three reasons.

The "Trend Is Your Friend" Until YOU Get In!

The unadulterated truth you need to know about charts and technical analysis before you ever make another trade.

With stock charts, it's essential to only pay attention to a few certain things…and there's a million things YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO!  Pages 86-88 will set you free on this subject and bring instant relief, peace and confidence.

It's Like Stepping In Front of the Crowd
Time and Time Again With This
Simple, Powerful 1-2 Combo.


When you follow these 4 critical (but simple) guidelines… you'll be stepping right in front of a massive new flood of money and actually get paid up-frontOn page 47, discover why "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!"

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Find Out What This Website Is BEFORE
"Checking In" to any "Roach Motels"!

(unveiled on page 73)

More Simple Tweaks For Out-Sized
Gains Only the 1% know!

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This is an innocent flaw most people get in the habit of doing.  Yet, it's so easy to change – even right this very moment, with no therapy required! Just read page 41.

(Hint: one of these is this… the market cycle is often detached and very different from the actual economy!  There's a bona fide reason for this which is explained in detail!)

As you can see, the "1% Solution" is jammed with cutting edge, money-making information you've never seen revealed anywhere else.

It truly reveals the secrets of the 1%'ers.

And the reality is – you simply can NOT continue to do what you've done and expect to get stellar results.  This is information that can get you on the right path.  It cuts through the clutter and gets you making money.

You're no dummy… you've followed a plan… and it just hasn't worked for you.  You can't do this the way "the system" says you're supposed to.  You were supposed to be able to hire a financial planner and watch your wealth grow.

Or hire a money manager… or trust the analysts and their "unbiased advise" – or simply invest in mutual funds until you're 59 or 65.  And it was supposed to all work-out peachy-keen for you.

But in the real world… this stuff's just not working.

You need answers – and you need them now… especially if you're over 50.  Time's a tickin'… and it is NOT on your side.  And what I'm revealing in the "1% Solution" can put time ON YOUR SIDE AGAIN.

It gives you the RIGHT information… with your copy of the"1% Solution"you'll learn practical, real-world strategies you can put into place right now that will more than help you get through the worst financial catastrophe to strike America in its history.

And guess what?

Armed with the "1% Solution"… you can start small. 

What money you have left is all you need – and there's never been a better time to be an online investor.

Think about it…

All This Spells a Level of Opportunity That's Endless

But in spite of all this… you still struggle to pull down the money you thought you would when you first started investing.  And that's frustrating.

It's because hardly anyone knows what to really do…

But it sounded so easy in the beginning… right?  I mean – hell – all you have to do is buy low, then sell high… right?

So why has it been so damn hard?!

I think one reason is because we live in such an explosive era of information.  Information is great – but the sheer quantity hitting you between the eyes everyday is madness.

And it hits online investors and traders extra hard – because what the internet opened up (in addition to bottomless reams of information) is the first opportunity investors had to transfer their money away from their full-service brokers… so they could have a go at it alone.

This created an explosion of seminar companies, subscription services, trading software, etc.  And now investors are more confused than ever – thinking they have to be that blasted "Market Wizard" in order to make serious money.

You need to get away from that sort of thinking.

And the "1% Solution" will set you on that path… and get you back to simpler methods – methods that will actually make you money.

One of the HUGE KEYS to this level of 1% success – is uncovered in great detail… it's something almost every independent investor struggles with.  And it's the ONE THING that can absolutely make or break you.

And it's this…

You Get Out of Your Trades At the
Wrong Time… EVERY Time

Am I right?

How many times have you kicked yourself because you nervously placed a stop too tight, or you outright quit on opportunities WAY TO EARLY – before your stock even had a chance to get going?!

You know the feeling…

There's Nothing More Un-Nerving Than Being RIGHT
on Your Entry, Yet WRONG On Your Exit!

The good news is there are specific, very powerful "exit triggers" the 1%'ers use like clockwork.  Unfortunately, most investors are utterly BLIND to them.

I call these "exit triggers".

A big reason why the 1% make all the money directly relates to when they EXIT their trades (that's ALL trades, from the profitable ones all the way to the doozies).  Unless you master the other side… the "exit" – as in when, why and how to get out of an investment…you'll stay mired in frustration and won't move ahead much.

Take a look at what you'll discover in the "1% Solution" about how the 1% make their exits (class begins on pages 92-101):

5 "Trender-Benders"…

Otherwise your brain will turn to MUSH and you'll end-up riding it up, and then watch it drop back down while you drench yourself in worthless "hope"… "I hope it goes back up"… "it should go back up"… until finally you take the loss and bask in the pain of more money down the drain.

You'll Be Wondering What You Ever Did Without This One!

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You'll discover these keys… and a whole lot more.  But this is just the beginning – once you start uncovering the buried treasure revealed in your copy of the "1% Solution", you won't want to stop.

Your mind will fly open… and you'll start to get a sense of "Wow… I really CAN do this!" once you dig in a little further into the these new concepts and ways of thinking. 

I could go on for pages and pages what you're going to discover… but what's important is that you get this in your hands and start reading it as soon as humanly possible.

And due to the dire economic circumstances most investors find themselves in right now – I'm going to do something I've never done before… just to make sure you take action in your own best interest:

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My "Buried Treasure Letter" is unlike any other market newsletter ever released.  For over 15 years now, I've been reporting on cutting-edge trading methods, hot stocks, and other killer information the Wall Street big shots hope you never hear about.

But since I'm not beholden to ANY Wall Street firm… I call things the way I see them. And I do it all in plain, easy-to-understand, simple English!  (I'm no college professor… just an ordinary guy who barely made it through college – thanks to my football scholarship!)

My focus is on what will help you… not greedy Wall Street interests.  In each issue you'll get several killer benefits you won't find anywhere else.  These include…

Most of all, you get a breath of fresh air: a bracing blast of independent thought from an independent trader who's like you.

Here's a sampling of comments I've received from grateful subscribers…

"What you'll discover in the '1% Solution' will change your life! What Preston teaches is so easy, so practical, and so simple you'll never think the same way about investing and trading again.  Your growing brokerage account balance will say it all!

"Here's my before and after results trading the "1%" way:

Before 1% Solution After 1% Solution
97 trades 23 trades
44 winners for $18,77220 winners for $9,906
45 losers for $24,703 3 losers for $1,665
Net loss: $5,931Net GAIN:  $8,241

Mike Howell, Tampa/St. Pete, FL

"Using Preston James' (Pirate's) 1% Solution setups and strategies will lead you to stocks that are emotionally charged to move up.  They are uncomplicated and use very little technical analysis, keeping the trade setups simple."

"These compelling approaches to finding profitable trades has given this novice investor confidence and pride. Also, a small trading account that has increased five-fold in only six months. Thank you Preston."

Randy Bates · Ada, MI

"I started with the Pirate in 1998 and let me tell you I am as excited now about trading as I was when I started. I could tell you about all the money I have made but I won't.  What I will tell you about is the support that the Pirate gives to you. The Pirate loves to trade and he loves to teach people how to trade to make money."

"He truly cares if a student is successful and will do anything he can to help you get there as a trader.  I have watched the Pirate search the trading world for techniques and methods that are simple and give you the traders edge."

"I have watched the Pirate help people become financially independent.  Have I quit my job and run to sit on a beach somewhere?  No, but I could if I wanted to.  Listen to the Pirate, you will make money."

Boyd West · Thayne, WY

"I have known the Pirate since 1998.  He has always acted with the utmost integrity, caring for his students, and is very knowledgeable in what he does. And, he just loves OPTIONS!  If he makes a promise he keeps it, if he offers a guarantee he stands behind it.  I recommend Preston without any hesitation, and his staff, especially Lori, is THE BEST! Thanks…"

Jeff Goodman · Ojai, CA

"Even though I thought your 1% Solution was 'too good to be true' I have been successful so far. My first trade on FFIV was successful ($400 profit in 1 week).  I then got into BCSI and was up $600 the 1st day… ended up with a profit of $1500 in 4 days.

"All of these trades were entered into on the same day during August when the market was so bad.  They paid for my 1% Solution program and a whole lot more.  Thanks putting it together and making it available."

Sandi & Bruce MacInnes · NC

"I just recently invested in your 1% Solution – and was very skeptical.  But I have to say that I am impressed.  Just two examples of your set up netted me almost a 400% return.  And that is on each trade!  I really wished I had committed capital to these situations, but as a new client, I was only paper trading them.  The bottom line is this simple methodology works!"

"I'm looking forward to trading with this!"

Barry Boswell · Ridgefield Park, NJ

Please let me reiterate…

These People Are All Just Like You.

None of them were "amazing" in any way when they first got their hands on the "1% Solution".  And if they can do it – I know you can, too!  But don't put this off…

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