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Ep-1 Discover This Little-Known, Almost Magic Piece of News That Makes A Stock Go Up 86% Of The Time


JoinPreston Jamesfor his first podcast! In it, you’ll discover the powerful gem he discovered smack dab during the dot-com stock collapse in 2001, one of the worst years for the market ever.

A study revealed a certain piece of news, and how like magic, 86% of the time the stock went up in price after this news. And it’s NOT earnings!

Preston will tell you what this little known piece of news is, and how it can be a breakthrough in your investing and trading.

The Traders Edge Insider: June 2013

Hey everybody, here’s the download link for the June edition of the Traders Edge Insider:

Traders Edge Insider: June 2013

Speaking of doing well, despite all kinds of negative vibes, from talk of an overdone rally to the ‘ol “Sell in May” and “June Swoon” maxims, and for good measure a whole slew of additional reasons heaped on that tell us this market should be tanking, the U.S. equity market continues to trade near its highs and the bulls continue to show some real resolve. They certainly appear serious about taking things higher still. We shall see.

No doubt this thing will turn at some point, but from now till then could turn out to be quite painful to those people out there who continue to insist they know what’s gonna happen versus those of us who choose to trade the market as it presents itself. Don’t know about you, but I’m here to make money – not to be right in calling a market top or to make predictions on something I have no control over. To me, that’s pure brain damage and an exercise in futility. Whatever the case, the markets been ranging a good clip most days, so there’s certainly lots of opportunity out there for us to book some sweet profits.

I’ll tell you one thing that’s an absolute relief – the missing sense of doom that prevailed for the better part of the past five years. It was literally one disaster to the next. Now, it’s back to earnings and performance driving the market and dominating the headlines. Stuff that makes sense…that’s fine by me!
Oh yeah, I saved the best for last. My buddy DRJ was kind enough to give up some of his most valuable time to be interviewed for this month’s Traders Talk. When I say valuable, I mean it – big time! Not just on his part because of what his time is worth – that goes without saying. No, what I’m talking about is the value of that time to you! Do yourself a BIG FAVOR and take time to read it – much of what he offers goes to the core of what’s made him the success he is…to ignore it is more folly than predicting markets!

Well, for now I invite you to sit back, read and reflect on the June edition of TEI. It’s packed with good, actionable info and definitely worth a read – sure to serve you well this month and beyond.