Ep-6 Let J. David Stein Teach You About Money


In this episode I interview David Stein, an expert when it comes to money, how it works, and how to live without worrying about it. He’s the creator and host of the wildly popular “Money For The Rest of Us” podcast.

Do you have friends, family, or a loved one that want to learn about money, investing, the economy, but feel too intimidated to start? Well then, Mr. Stein is the answer! He is a resource I wish I’d had when I first got started investing.

In a former life, David had two decades of experience managing money. A LOT of money. He was the Chief Investment & Portfolio Strategist of a $33 Billion investment advisory firm. (andyou thought your job was stressful!)

He makes the complex understandable – about a subject that touches every human being. Make sure to subscribe to his podcast and I hope you enjoy this episode!

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