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The Money Press Method: Your Pathway to Consistent Weekly Paychecks
The Money Press Method : Your Pathway to Consistent Weekly Paychecks
Discover our flagship trading strategy used by thousands of traders that combines simplicity with effectiveness.

With only 30 minutes of trading per week using only one type of option contract, you’ll generate consistent weekly income while protecting your downside with our “Sleep-At-Night-Protection-Strategy”.

Discover the entire strategy and the trading tactics yourself in our best selling book “The Money Press Method” today.
How To Create An Instant Paycheck: Watch Me Place A Real Money Press Trade!
The Money Press Method isn’t magic, it’s a simple trading strategy that works in any market.  We’ll show you a recorded live demo of us doing a full Money Press trade and we’ll demonstrate how we cash the paycheck and how we get “Sleep-At-Night-Protection”
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We make trading simple. Our mission is to make the complex world of trading understandable and profitable for everyone regardless of your experience or education. From beginners to experts, we equip traders with effective, easy-to-follow strategies that produce real results without risking your neck.

With us, you’re not just learning to trade, you’re gaining the tools to master your financial future confidently.
A Team of Expert Traders Dedicated to Helping You
Our “Crew” has been trained and mentored by some of the world’s top traders with the purpose of helping you become a better trader. Our goal is to create a community that feels like a family. Come and join us!
Over 20 Years of Success Stories
We’ve been helping traders just like you for over 20 years. It’s been our mission to rescue frustrated traders one at a time.  Check out some of the amazing stories we have created with our students along the way.
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