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We make trading simple. Our mission is to make the complex world of trading understandable and profitable for everyone regardless of your experience or education. From beginners to experts, we equip traders with effective, easy-to-follow strategies that produce real results without risking your neck. With us, you’re not just learning to trade, you’re gaining the tools to master your financial future confidently.

Founded by the renowned trading expert Preston “The Pirate” James, Traders Edge Network embodies the spirit of perseverance and passion. Despite not being a traditional intellectual or Wall St. Trader, Preston has become a force to be reckoned with in the trading world. His humble beginnings as a ‘walk on’ college linebacker taught him the value of relentless dedication.

Actively trading since 1993, Preston has dedicated himself to not only improving his own trading skills but also imparting his valuable insights to others.

With Traders Edge Network he’s assembled a team of some of the most talented traders and educators in the world. Not all traders can teach their methods and many educators and “gurus” don’t trade profitably. At Traders Edge Network, every trading coach is skilled in both which means you get the best trading tactics taught simply and effectively.


We have the best Trader-Educators In The Business Dedicated To Lifting Other Traders Up
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Client Success
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Education Counselor
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Over 20 Years of Success Stories
We’ve been helping traders just like you for over 20 years. It’s been our mission to rescue frustrated traders one at a time.  Check out some of the amazing stories we have created with our students along the way.
The Money Press Method: Your Pathway to Consistent Weekly Paychecks
The Money Press Method : Your Pathway to Consistent Weekly Paychecks
Discover our flagship trading strategy used by thousands of traders that combines simplicity with effectiveness.

With only 30 minutes of trading per week using only one type of option contract, you’ll generate consistent weekly income while protecting your downside with our “Sleep-At-Night-Protection-Strategy”.

Discover the entire strategy and the trading tactics yourself in our best selling book “The Money Press Method” today.