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Can You Spare 7 Minutes A Week? If So, Then We'll Show You How To Generate Weekly Income!

No More Excuses…Hundreds of you have sent us emails or called our support line asking for a recorded version of this webinar…We heard you and we have just posted that video online.

Now you can see how our team has crushed the market already this year and you can watch it anytime you want.

NO MORE EXCUSES…The number one reason we hear why people are not taking control of their money is, "I just don't have the time." So, we have come up with a solution that anyone can do in only 7 minutes a week – yes – only 7 minutes!

If you can't find 7 free minutes out of the 10,000 minutes you have every week , then you're not ready to take your financial future seriously.

So…are you ready to start generating Weekly Cash Flow!

In this 15 minute video we will show you a proven system for making money in the markets each and every week. I know right now you're thinking this sounds to good to be true.

Need Proof…Take A Look At Our Last 5 Returns!
February 8, 2012 SPX Iron Condor +7%
February 1, 2012 SPX Iron Condor +7%
January 25, 2012 SPX Bear Call Spread +6%
January 11, 2012 SPX Bear Put Spread +6%
January 4, 2011 SPX Bull Put Spread +6%

So let's do some quick math. If you would have put $5,000 at risk in each trade your return would have been $1,600 or 32%.

You would have had 35 minutes or less in time invested. That translates to a whopping $45.71 per minute or a mere $2,743 per hour.

Now maybe you're already making that kind of money… and if so, attending our free webinar that shows you exactly how you can start generating real cash flow isn't for you.

If you're like most people that's not you and you should keep reading.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It…

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful program. My account has gone from $8,261 to $14,766 in just 3 months! That over 70% total return. I would recommend this program to anyone. Not only that, but it is so much fun to see my account grow. Thanks again for this life changing program, and let's keep it going!


P.S. I have attached a copy of my TD Ameritrade account so you can share the results with others.

You'll Walk Away With A Proven Trading Strategy!
How You Can Start Generating Weekly Cash Flow
Why You Only Need 7 Minutes A Week…Really!
See A Strategy So Easy Anyone Can Do It!
How To Get Started With Only $2,000 In Your Trading Account
No Hype… No Fluff… Real Trades… Real Profits!

Happy Trading,

7 MInute Traders

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