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The Foundation

The Money Press Method

Don’t go on one more day without arming yourself with this revolutionary discovery! (It’s ONLY made possible because of weekly options). Learn how to create “weekly windfall profits” with the market’s most elite stocks . . .even if they’re over $1,000 per share, AND do it all with a small account! This is real cash you can spend – or, you can keep it in your account and watch it build up, up, up. Best of all, you’ll be sleeping like a baby at night- no matter how crazy things get in the market or in the world

1% Solution GuideBook

Move Yourself Out of the 99% of All Investors Who Lose Money, and Get Into the 1% of Investors Who Make Money! The 1% Solution is sure to become your legacy guide to time and money freedom. This definitive, 136-page field guide is for traders looking to generate maximum money in minimum time!

Continuing Education

Preston James’ W.O.W. Insider service

Receive Preston’s live trade updates –as they happen! You’ll also gain access to his popular LIVE Friday morning ‘WOW’ webinars (where you’ll see him find new trades, plus much, much more!) Plus: WOW Insiders gain special web access to over 31 training videos covering Preston’s most compelling weekly option strategies, tips, and tricks (you won’t find this kind of information anywhere else). There’s also a member forum with Q&A, including Preston’s updated trade journal plus archives.

Mike’s Mastermind Project

Join the ultimate Mastermind experience! Get exclusive access to weekly webinars with Mike Curtis (a.k.a. “Right-hand Mike” or Mentor Mike) and other guest Mastermind contributors! Training videos and fresh ideas fill the membership site along with our MMP Forum to chat with others in the group, Lee, and our staff! Apply now!


Dive into the world of cryptocurrency with ‘The Complete Crypto Course’, tailored for both newcomers and seasoned investors. This comprehensive course demystifies crypto basics, security, and investment strategies, guiding you through everything from using exchanges to building a robust portfolio. Elevate your skills with insights into DeFi and advanced topics like Crypto IRA Accounts. It’s not just a course; it’s your key to confident, informed crypto investing. Join now and revolutionize your approach to digital currencies!

Advanced Education

Small Account Mastery Series (S.A.M.S.)

A truly one-of- a-kind opportunity! Preston opens up a fresh, new brokerage account with a $10,000 deposit. And all the lucky “SAMS” attendees get to tune in LIVE each Thursday for an interactive webinar experience – focused on: How To Build Your Small Account Into a Big One! For 10 weeks in a row, you’ll get to see real-live trades being placed, along with specific training and Q & A all designed around the small account. Each session will be recorded. This kind of training and focus on the small account isn’t available ANYWHERE else!


How To Squeeze 7-15% More Weekly Profit and Protect Your Account Using “the Pirate’s” Trading Strategies that Help Beat the Market consistently.


Ready for a trading adventure? Twice a year, we at Traders Edge Network come together for an action-packed two-day event. It’s more than just a chance to dive deeper into the Money Press Method; it’s an opportunity to connect with fellow traders, gain valuable insights from experts, and really energize your trading strategies. These gatherings are a key part of your trading journey, offering a mix of learning, networking, and fun. Mark your calendars – these events are your golden ticket to advancing your skills and making lasting connections in the world of trading.

Master Income Trader (MIT)

By using the misunderstood and overlooked breakthrough of “Portfolio Margin”  (not to be confused with “Traditional Margin”) our accounts have earned 5… 7… even 10% per week — and up to 520% per year — SAFELY trading the world’s “bluest of blue chip” stocks…

One-On-One Mentoring

Time is Money. Working with a Trader’s Edge mentor is all about smashing down the learning curve and making you into a confident money making machine! You’ll learn each edge, strategy & set-up at a pace you’re most comfortable with. Your mentor will get to know you, your circumstances, and financial goals . . THEN tailor each session accordingly.

Mentoring opportunities are limited. We have a small team of handpicked Traders Edge mentors with decades of trading (and teaching) experience. This elect group has a unique background as they all started as students of Traders Edge Network… they literally have been in your shoes!

To check if mentoring opportunities are currently available please email: or call (801) 733-4190.

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