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There Goes a Wheel…

Swing and a miss. Nope, I’m not talking bout the World Series, given that my beloved Yanks are sitting at home after a dispiriting butt-kickin delivered by da Tigas. No, that would be the sound of earnings disappointments that have come down the pike so far—none bigger than yesterday’s little fiasco sponsored by Apple. Now […]

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Serving Up a Black Eye?

Well, another week, another debate, more mixed signals and the seemingly inevitable crash I referred to last week finally came to pass… Aaahh, scratch that. No crash… I did say color me skeptical at that time…and quite a bit more. Truth is that despite the myriad headwinds and legitimate reasons this market should turn tail […]

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The inevitable crash…

Finally, the long anticipated crash has arrived and stands ready to start inflicting some serious whoop-a_s on those peeps silly enough to believe that equities remain posed still to take on their all-time highs. Such a notion is pure madness…just look at the action over the past couple weeks—speaks for itself! Hmmm, color me “not […]

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Ask the Crew:
Crew members tackle questions
submitted by readers each month

Q: Just signed up for Weekly Options Windfall. Trying to find the math for selecting the long protective put in the calendar spread. Some positions are a month out, some are at the end of the year, some are a couple of strikes OTM and some are further. There must be some math to it; […]

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Coaches Corner:
Six Building Blocks of Trades

Hi, I’m Jon Wirrick joining you once again in the Coaches Corner. Those of you who have had me as a coach know I’m a big fan of the “keep it simple” philosophy. As such, I thought I’d take a different approach and focus on helping newer traders break down and understand the types of […]

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Musings from the Editor:
Worries Aside…A Hidden Message?

Well, we’ve come through the tricky month of September and managed to close out the 3rd quarter in fairly decent fashion, all things considered. As things stand now, the broad indices are flagging bull, with both the INDU and the SPX within relatively easy distance of tagging historical highs in very short order. With such […]

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Traders Talk:
TEI’s Louis Horkan Interviews Norman Hallett

In this month’s Traders Talk, we’re chatting with Norman Hallett, CEO of Subconscious Training Corporation, the producer of The Disciplined Trader Program. Norman is a highly-regarded professional trader with more than three decades of successful trading experience. He’s devoted more than a decade to educating traders on how to become successful, with emphasis in the […]

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Monster’s Perspective:
September was a great month for Time Warner

Chris McKhann and David Russell of optionMONSTER have been tracking the big media company Time Warner throughout the month of September and we thought the Traders Edge Network readers might be interested in their research. On September 10th David’s headline read “Confidence Shown in Time Warner” over this TWX chart: He wrote “One investor is […]

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Karson Keith’s Options Insight:
Buying the Election. QE3 Flop?

It is no secret that during an election year the market usually finishes higher. This year we have a president that is more determined than ever to “buy” the election. But despite all of the attempts to prop the market up we find ourselves only mildly higher for the year. The most recent “stimulus”, QE3, […]

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