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Ask the Crew:
Crew members tackle questions submitted by readers each month

Q. Where can I find a list of stocks that have weekly options? A. Check here for the list: or visit CBOE Web site to learn more: ( -> Products -> Weeklys -> Available Weeklys) Q. The Weekly Windfall Quick Start Guide refers to “Ideal Setup” and “Sunrise/Demise”. What are the definitions for these […]

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Coaches Corner:
Trading with Favorable Probabilities

Welcome to the coaches corner. I’m Beau Keenan, a long time coach for the Pirate. One thing that appealed to me when teaming up with Preston was his emphasis on trading with favorable probabilities. I want to convey some of the important principles of probability in this article. Mike and Jon did a good job […]

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Karson Keith’s Options Insights:
Disliking Facebook (FB)

Everybody knows that the IPO of Facebook was an absolute catastrophe, but few really understand where the company stands now. Facebook just reported their first earnings and the stock dropped down to an all time low near $23. Analysts will say it is because they didn’t post any guidance, but I have another opinion. The […]

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Trader’s Talk:
TEI’s Louis Horkan Interviews Mike Curtis

In this month’s Traders Talk, we’re chatting with Mike Curtis, an experienced trader and one of Preston’s most experienced coaches. Mike’s been an active trader in the derivatives markets for eight years, trading options, futures and foreign currencies. He shares his take on the “The 1% Solution” and some insight from personal experiences in the […]

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Musings from the Editor:
Chasing the Fears

Having spent the better part of my adult life (we’re talking chronological years—certainly not any semblance of maturity) in and focused on the markets, I’ve managed to pick up a bit of insight here and there. I’ve seen all kinds of markets, witnessed a fair amount of manipulation, tested strategies and indicators from A to […]

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