Reasons You May Not Be Achieving the Results You Thought You Could In Your Online Trading Account

If you trade or invest online in stocks and options – either part or full time – this may be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

This blog series will explain many reasons why you may not be achieving the results you thought you could in your online trading account.

…your best intentions –
…favorable market conditions –
…your goals and work ethic –
…the technological ease of today’s online trading.

Despite it all – your online trading results probably haven’t been anywhere near what you thought they would be. After all, since you’re successful at your current profession, it just doesn’t make sense that you haven’t succeeded to an equal scale with your trading efforts.


This Is Happening to Successful People Like
You All the Time – You Are Not Alone!…

Which brings up some serious questions – in fact, asking these questions are how this blog series was born:

Question #1: Why is it that otherwise successful people are continually frustrated when it comes to investing and trading their own money?


Question #2: How much of the blame is owed to the modern ‘industry’ of online trading and investing?

These questions need to be asked… but never have been.
And they can’t wait another day.

This blog series will uncover how the “industry” of online investing and trading has gone through so much change, so fast, and in a way that’s unprecedented in the nation’s history – and most likely in the history of the world.

(You’ll have to agree once you see the numbers yourself.)

Gargantuan, transformational change involving trillions, billions and millions -in only 10 years- have both helped and HINDERED individual online traders and investors. And unless you stop to consider what all this means TO YOU, you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice.

Let’s start with the facts:

In 1996, there were between 1 million to 1.5 million online accounts. By 2006, that number had mushroomed to 34.5 million online accounts. This amounts to 2,300% growth in just a decade. Which means an average annual, year-over-year, compounded growth rate of 43.2% per year.

Really stop and consider those numbers… 43.2% annual growth, compounding for 10 years in a row. A growth rate like that is what has led to this: one of the biggest “wire transfers” in the history of the world… just over…

$6 Trillion Dollars

According to Jupiter Research, that’s the amount of money individual investors have moved away from full-service brokerage firms and into their own “do-it-yourself” online accounts during this 10- year period of time (1996-2006). Again… that’s a whopping $6-Trillion!

Now – let’s pause just a second here… because when numbers get this huge the brain simply shuts off because it can’t grasp it.

Gaining Perspective

Some $6 Trillion Comparisons:

The Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carrier has a price tag of $4 billion each. There are currently a total of 12 aircraft carriers in the United States Navy… $6-Trillion would buy 1,500 more aircraft carriers!

“The Mirage” in Las Vegas cost around $1 billion to build. There are 51 big-name hotel/casinos similar to The Mirage on the Las Vegas strip. $6-Trillion would build 117 more Las Vegas strips!

$6-Trillion Is Enough to Give Planet Earth’s Approximate 6-Billion Inhabitants $1,000-Bucks Cash EACH! …Any way you slice it – it’s A LOT of money.

Remember… we’re talking about the amount of money that’s been transferred away from fullservice, big-name Wall Street brokerage firms.

Why the transfer?

Well… up until the Internet came on the scene, these big-name brokerage firms had a good thing going… and their “system” had been in place for decades. But all of a sudden the internet yanked the carpet out from under ‘em and put a dagger into the heart of their over-bloated commissions, hefty fees and year-end bonuses…

And can you really blame the millions of investors, tired of not having a clue about what’s going on with their money – or feeling pressured into making investment decisions by salesy brokers – and who could now trade online for 10 times cheaper?!!

The Explosion of the Internet Was a True Victory for
the Individual Trader and Investor…

Tune into the next blog in this series and find out how the internet brought investing information and data to the “regular joe’ – and how investing your own money became possible, and dirt-cheap.

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