The Traders Edge Insider: May 2013

Hey everybody, here’s the May edition of the Traders Edge Insider!

Traders Edge Insider: May 2013

We’ve had some beautiful weather out here as of late. Man, it just makes you want to get out and enjoy life.

I hope you’re taking time to do just that. Sort of gets lost in the shuffle when you’re battling in the trenches, but you’re here to build something for yourself – to create a better, more secure future for you and your family.

You, the entire Crew and myself – we’re all working hard and need to take time to reward ourselves a bit…and to remember what this is all about. Trust me, doing so is essential and it’s a wonderful way to go about refocusing and recommitting to your plan for success.

My question today is what happened to that big-time reversal so many talking heads told us was inevitable. You know, “The rally is overdone, exhausted and without merit given the problems that remain here and abroad.” Hmmmm.

Well, no doubt they’ll be right…eventually. That game of Tom-n-Jerry chasing tail never ends… The experts will continue to predict the future and there will remain audiences that continue to listen with baited breath. People wanting to believe there are gurus who see the market in advance or who are in search of the latest “sure fire” cookie cutter approach to trading. The only thing that neither group appears to seek for guidance is the market…and what it’s telling them.

Comically sad, but that’s the way it is and will continue. Not our approach, as each of you well know. We’ll continue to stick to our methods premised on understanding market cycles, trading in any direction based on what the market tells us, and utilizing strategies and trading plans that provide a statistical advantage – proven…simple…successful!!!

For now, I invite you to sit back, read and reflect on the May edition of TEI. It’s packed with good, actionable info, including a compilation of some of the best insight offered over the past year in our Traders Talk interviews. It’s worth a read and sure to serve you well this month and beyond.


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