Ep-10 Preston interviews Number 1 student – Maggie Roth


Lately I’ve been reaching out to some people who’ve become involved with my Weekly Option Windfall (or “W.O.W.”) methods. I wanted to hear their story and then share it with you.

In this interview I visit with Maggie Roth. Maggie’s an incredible woman. Not only has she been my #1 student (as far as results go) . . . but she also works one-on-one mentoring students of Traders Edge on the side.

She’s a wealth of knowledge and that’s what you’ll get from our interview together!

Anybody can do this, including you. I believe this is the last real way to make the big money in the market today. I hope Maggie’s story helps jump start your own success.

You can begin just like she did by going to: JoinWowInsider.com

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