How We’ll Be Cheating (Legally) This Thursday…

We’re about 48 hours away. That’s 48 hours to go until we get a front
row seat to some serious action and trading ideas, thanks to my
upcoming interview with Pete Najarian.

I hope you have some dry powder set aside! Cause a front-row seat
like this won’t ever be made available to the public.

So what’s this business about cheating?

Well, when you’re able to see unusually large blocks of options
being traded, that’s smart money being pushed out on the come line.

And it’s kind of like cheating…because the smart money flows to the
options market first. And when you’re able to spot it and decipher it,
it’s perfectly legal to trade alongside this action, yet it’s kind of like

Sign me up!

Pete’s one of the best options traders around. And anytime I can
track him down during market hours – it’s something special.

Anyway, I’m excited. So get in on this!

Registration takes a few seconds… all you do is click on this link:

When is it?

It’s this Thursday, Nov 17th. The start time will be at
high noon, Eastern time.

Don’t miss it!

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